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Lapham's Quarterly: Technology

Volume XIV, Number 1, Winter 2021

by Lewis H. Lapham

Published by the American Agora Foundation, Inc

Lapham’s Quarterly is a contemporary platform for the voices of the past. Each volume is more akin to a book than a magazine, curated with exceptional care, intellectual yet accessible, historical yet not academic. 

Available at Kinokunya

This issue of Lapham's Quarterly explores the relationship between humanity and machines, testing and teasing the boundaries of optimism and nihilism. Original essays are balanced with great excerpts from past voices such as Charlotte Bronte, Virgil, Mashal McLuhan, Henry Ford, Lewis Mumford, Leonardo Da Vinci and many others. 

Amongst the many virtues of the publication, the ability to demonstrate a timeless resilience of critical thought and paint a compelling picture of technologies past, present and future makes it a truly insightful and entertaining read for architects.


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