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Mutation and Morphosis: Landscape as Aggregate

by Günther Vogt and Thomas Kissling

Published by Lars Müller Publishers

Reminiscent in format, size and weight of the legendary S,M,L,XL publication, Mutation and Morphosis is a fascinating foray into the world of Landscape Architecture, Art and Science, a deep dive into the complex multidisciplinary nature of designing and shaping landscapes. 

Günther Vogt skillfully interviews guests such as artist Olafur Eliasson and political philosopher Katja Gentinetta, giving the reader a rich and diverse insight into the cultural, social and political dimensions of designed natural environments.

Further brought to life by Vogt’s built landscapes, positioned at the intersection of geologic and the cultural, as well as countless analytical drawings, folios and maps, the book is a fascinating cabinet of curiosities that through sheer diversity and intellectual reach establishes relevance to the many aspects of resilience in built and natural ecosystems.


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