Admira, CERARL

CERARL elevates spaces to previously unthinkable heights. CERARL is a lightweight, unique fiberglass decorative panel designed for wall cladding, even on pre-existing furnished walls. This cutting-edge technology, developed and manufactured in Japan, has various favorable qualities for both residential and commercial areas.

CERARL brings numerous benefits, including strong resistance to water, fire, impact, stain, and bacteria, and works well on both dry kitchen backsplash areas and wet areas of your bathroom walls. Providing a sense of finesse to the decor, CERARL will not crack, peel, or break in heat or humidity.

Product Specification:

● Size - 3ft x 8ft (935mm x 2455mm) +/-2mm

● Thickness - 3mm

● Anti-Microbial

● Fire Rating Class 0

● Green Label

● Scratch, Stain, Impact Resistant

● Waterproof

About the brand

Admira Pte Ltd is backed by more than 45 years of experience in interior furnishings; mainly in high-pressured laminates. Formerly known as Seng Lee Interiors, Admira has transitioned into an international and forward-looking surface design company.

We dedicate ourselves to sourcing the trendiest designs and, provide high quality laminated surfaces to the architectural, interior design and furniture sectors. Our collection of laminates creatively satisfies aesthetics, durability and functionality for any type of space, theme, idea and application.


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