Sanitus, Antonio Lupi Halo

Halo is a family of freestanding accessories and tables that redefines the image of a functional element for daily use inside the bathroom, but which can also be used in other rooms of the house. A truncated cone base in satin Carrara marble as an identity trait, a brass metal structure, available in the different colors that antoniolupi offers, and a profile to find a meeting point at a certain height from which to develop the different configurations. Visit here to read more.

About the brand

Over these twenty years, we have steadily expanded our business and product range that boasts from mid to high-end luxury brands like Antoniolupi, Newform, Sant’Agostino and Grespania Ceramica. Our products range from bathroom wares like water closets, basins, mixers, showerheads to tiles and stones.

Sanitus Building Supplies Pte Ltd

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