Sanitus, Antonio Lupi borghi

Material experimentation and Italian tradition come together in an original combination in this line of freestanding sinks. The peculiarity is the cork base , natural or toasted, which supports sinks in Cristalmood or Icemood, a transparent resin patented by the brand. The line is signed by the Tuscans Gumdesign, alias Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi, who take inspiration from Bolgheri, the enchanting village in Maremma, for the nuances Gran Cru, Oleo and Ceruleo that recall the colors of olive trees, wine and the sky. Click here to read more.

Antonio Lupi Borghi has won Elle Deco International Design Award 2021 under the best product in bathroom category.

Product dimensions- Sink: cm ø 47 x 33 / Base: cm ø 26 x 67

About the brand

Courage and passion, vision and substance, tradition and innovation, wins and losses: a story of men before the project, a company made of people that work hard day in and day out to transform dreams in products. A long journey that begins with a man and finishes with a brand, as men have always done.

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