Viega, Advantix Cleviva

Elevate any bathroom to a spa-like experience with Viega’s Advantix Cleviva shower channel. Its 4mm thick, high quality PVD-coated stainless steel, allows water to be guided optimally towards the single point outlet.

The Advantix Cleviva shower channel offers individual styling, with plenty of scope for each design ideas: high-end bathroom styling and freedom of design. And the best of all, the new shower channels are quick and easy to install and adapt to every bathroom environment.

The Advantix Cleviva won prestigious prizes including the IF Design Award 2020 selected by 78 global experts and the German Design Award 2020.

Advantix Cleviva is available in five options: Stainless steel brushed, anthracite, gold, copper-gold and champagne. There are two design options: single and double inlets openings. The shower channel profile is 1-2% inward incline for optimal flow towards its inlay. It is suitable for domestic wastewater with PH value between, greater than 4 to less than 10. The shower channel are available in 3 lengths: 800mm, 1,000mm and 1,200mm. They can be shortened to minimum 300mm. They can also be connected in series in unlimited quantity. 

The shower channel profile and inlay is torsion-free and bend resistant. 

It can be connected to Advantix Pipe lead in fire protection R120.

About the brand

Viega is an expert in healthy drinking water in buildings and one of the key technology leaders in the installation sector. As a quality-focused family business employing almost 5000 people, the company has over 120 years of experience in building technology. Our role is to maintain and develop drinking water hygiene, energy efficiency, comfort and safety in buildings.


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