Viega, Advantix Vario

The modern bathroom – nowadays are planned and designed as painstakingly as other living spaces. As well as pure appearance and quality, the desire for individuality plays a major role. Therefore, planning with the largest possible flexibility is critical to the highest demand. Viega’s Advantix Vario is designed to make this a reality with relative ease.

The Advantix Vario integrates harmoniously into any bathroom design. Designed with 4 colour options on its stainless-steel grate and tile end bars permits multiple variations. It is no wonder, the Advantix Vario models have been awarded renowned design prizes.

Advantix Vario can be installed onto the floor or on the wall in 3 options: straight, ‘U’ or ‘L’ shape.  It is available in 4 colours for its stainless-steel grate and end tile (optional): Matt, Polished, Black and white. 

The shower channel is capable to drain from 0.4L, up to 2.4L of water per second. For each design, excluding tile end and corner tiles, it can be as short as 300mm or as long as 1,200mm. For straight only design, it has the option to connect in series up to 2,800mm long.

The stainless grate can be adjusted in height, up to 33mm, to suit various finishing thickness (e.g. tiles, natural stone). The shower channel achieves complete drainage with minimal flow resistance and high flow rate of the specially constructed Advantix drain set. Its smooth interior avoids dirt trapping and requires only minimal effort for maintenance. 

It can be connected to Advantix Pipe lead in fire protection R120.

About the brand

Viega is an expert in healthy drinking water in buildings and one of the key technology leaders in the installation sector. As a quality-focused family business employing almost 5000 people, the company has over 120 years of experience in building technology. Our role is to maintain and develop drinking water hygiene, energy efficiency, comfort and safety in buildings.


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