Viega, Megapress

Viega Megapress is specially designed for pressing thick-wall steel: cold, safe and in seconds. The formed-pipe steel connector is zinc-nickel coated for the highest quality and durability. The cold press technology achieves the highest requirements in efficiency and safety even in challenging spaces (e.g. at height or tight spaces). 

Megapress with cold press technology saves up to 80% installation time compared to welding pipes. It saves costs from expenditure on fire protection precautions because there are no flames nor flumes in the process. 

Megapress connects pipes with different surfaces such as seamless, welded, galvanised, industrial painted, expoxy-resin coated and black.

Megapress is made of 1.0308 steel material. Steel pipes in compliance with DIN EN 10255 with threaded pipe quality, DIN EN 10220/10216-1 and DIN EN 10220/10217-1 in boiler pipe quality from sizes 3/8 to 4 inches can be used with Megapress connectors.

Megapress is available for different application using different sealing elements such as EPDM and FKM, including heating/cooling, gas, and special application. Each connector is specially marked for different application. The sealing elements allows operating temperatures with 110°C using EPDM to 140°C using FKM. 

Megapress comes with Viega SC-Contur. It is an innovative safety feature that causes guaranteed forced leakage in unpressed connections. It identifies unpressed connections during a leakage test and it can be pressed on the spot without any extra work. The dry testing range is between 22mbar and 3 bar while the wet testing range is from 1.0 bar to 6.5 bar. 

The Megapress press-in branch connector is a life-saver solution when it comes to retrofitting connections to an existing steel pipe installation. The complete tool set allows drilling into thick-wall steel pipes and pressing in new connection. 

About the brand

Viega is an expert in healthy drinking water in buildings and one of the key technology leaders in the installation sector. As a quality-focused family business employing almost 5000 people, the company has over 120 years of experience in building technology. Our role is to maintain and develop drinking water hygiene, energy efficiency, comfort and safety in buildings.


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