Viega, Pexfit pro

The ideal pipe for drinking water application.

Pexfit Pro pipes are as flexible, reliable and durable as you wish. The Pexfit Pro system relies on the tried and tested Viega press connecting technology. Its simple installation is rapid with Viega’s innovative safety factor; SC-Contur, a forced leak over wet test to identify connections that are not pressed. 

Pexfit Pro pipes provides a high degree of installation safety in the long term with its extremely tight connectors with pre-assembled press sleeves made of stainless steel. This creates an optimal holding function and prevent twisting after pressing.

Pexfit Pro comes in coil form, of 100m or 50m, depending on the pipe size It dramatically reduces wastage because the user cuts the necessary length to the precise millimetre. Because there are no connections, owners are assured leak free and savings by using less connector pieces higher efficiency to complete the job. The system is only for use inside buildings.

Installers can cut the pipe using a pipe shear which assists for a good vertical cut. The installers can bend the pipe using a bending tool or manually. The bent pipe retains its form. 

Each connector piece has control windows for the installer to check visually, the pipes are fully inserted before pressing. 

The pipe suitable for both cold and hot water up to 70°C under an operating pressure of maximum 1.0 MPa (10 bar). This avoids any mix-ups on jobsite. 

Pexfit Pro manifolds offers an innovative solution with flexible tubing. The manifolds are equipped with individual shut off valves for easy manipulation without affecting other units.

About the brand

Viega is an expert in healthy drinking water in buildings and one of the key technology leaders in the installation sector. As a quality-focused family business employing almost 5000 people, the company has over 120 years of experience in building technology. Our role is to maintain and develop drinking water hygiene, energy efficiency, comfort and safety in buildings.


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